Wednesday, April 6, 2011

America desperately needs a new party, the American Party

As I write this the U.S. Congress is less than 48 hours away from the very real possibility of shutting down the "people's" government because of a budget impasse. Not only is the federal budget at play but so is the very future of America. Both of the major political parties are corporate pawns, but the “Repugnantlican” Party, spurred on by its Tea Party fringe, is going over the edge in the fight over reducing a sliver (12%) of the non-defense discretionary budget. It’s an outright bribe to the wealthy, including the corporate elite, to help obliterate the other party.  

America as a fledgling nation had no political party for the first 20 years of so of its life. America’s leaders distrusted them. But Americans are not ready for an entirely new political system. However, if they want to prevent America, as they must, from throwing yet more ordinary Americans into poverty and from eventually self-destructing by its endless warring, the time is urgently now to create a new party, one that would be for a new breed of truly public, not corporate servants, and would also welcome any democrats who denounce the corpocracy, or the devil’s marriage between big business and big government, with big business calling all the shots.   

New parties have not fared well in our history. But a new party is absolutely an imperative now. Let’s call it the American Party. It would meld together all the elements that most human beings share. For example: We are all human beings. All human beings everywhere have a history of honoring more often than not universal human values (e.g., respect and caring for others who ever the others are). All human beings living in America who are citizens are American citizens. All American citizens have a responsibility to practice good citizenship behavior. All American citizens have a responsibility to uphold the U.S. Constitution, which says nothing about corporate rights and doesn’t even mention corporations because the framers distrusted them.     

From such common elements as these a new party and a new platform could be created. Politicians who are democrats but who denounce the corpocracy would be invited to join the party. The dozen or so existing progressive parties and political action groups would be invited to join.

This couldn’t happen overnight. All non-Repugnantlicans must vote out the Repugnantlicans in the 2012 election but with a clear warning: This is the swan song for the Democratic Party also. This the is the beginning of the American Party and the beginning of a new and liberated America, one that among advanced countries is not worse in unemployment rate, is not worst in income inequality gap, is not worst in life expectancy at birth, is not worst in insecurity over where the next meal is coming from, is not worst in prison population (minus the absence of corporate criminals), does not have a soaring poverty rate, does not neglect the uninsured, does not neglect a quality education for the inheritors of our nation, does not neglect domestic needs while spending on needless, endless, winless, deadly wars.  

Please think about it. A new America Party could reclaim democracy, rebuild America, and help provide for the general welfare that is one of the purposes of our Constitution. If George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and even FDR could return and see what is happening today I am convinced they would want to lead the American party.

What do you think about America’s future? About 80% of Americans reportedly think America is on the decline.

What are you going to do? Remain silent? Please don’t. Remain passive? Please don’t.
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  1. Have you considered the Green Party? They offer a rational platform, unleavened by corporate bribery.

    find their plank here:

    (btw, I am not formally aligned with them...yet)


  2. Jim, yes I have.

    I specially dedicated my new book to Ralph Nader and sent him a free copy long ago but the son-of-a gun has never responded!

    I was hoping to enlist his support for the proposals in the book for breaking up the "DFevil's marriage," i.e. the corpocracy.



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