Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Corporate/Political Balance Sheet vs Life's Balance Sheet

I'm writing this after yet another one of the endless news reports about the corpocracy's disregard for human rights and life.

The nearly 30 miners trapped and dead in a Va coal mine could have been prevented if the mining co had followed preventive maintencance and the federal government had been overseeing mine safety.

My American friends, millions of Americans have been killed over the decades because the corporate and political balance sheets overrule our life's balance sheets.

What is a "life balance sheet?" Read our Constitution. Its preamble promises that our government will promote the general welfare. On an ideal life balance sheet, one's standard and quality of living would be at least acceptable, not just bearable or intolerable. And America, among advanced countries, would not look like a third-world country in terms of joblessness, income gap and the like.

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