Monday, May 16, 2011

Stop Warfare, Not Medicare: A Pathetic Personal Experience but Still Undaunted

I’ve never been a street demonstrator, until now. Odd age to start, going on 76. 

What got me up from the PC and out onto the street was an e-mail from Daniel Mintz and his team members of the Political Action Team this last April 20. Here’s the basic message.

Dear Gary, Unbelievable. They really voted to eliminate Medicare. Last week, all but four House Republicans voted for a budget that eliminates Medicare for anyone born after 1957. It's time Representative John Mica heard from us, loud and clear: voting to end Medicare is completely unacceptable and we will hold you accountable.

This week the House is on recess and Rep. Mica will be at home in his district. Can you drop by Rep. Mica's office in Palm Coast at noon on Thursday to deliver the message with other MoveOn members? 

It's critical that Rep. Mica hears from his constituents how angry they are about his vote. Put a personal message inside an empty prescription drug bottle and deliver it any time during business hours.
Thanks for all you do. –Daniel, Stephen, Wes, Carrie, and the rest of the team

I decided to make my own poster on cardboard and paste it to the back of a beach ball wood paddle; “STOP WARFARE, NOT MEDICARE.” And off I went to Rep. Mica’s office.

What happened next was no more effective than if I had aimed a crowd’s flatus at an oncoming tornado trying to repel it. There was no crowd. Two people in the parking lot, three prescription bottles at the foot of Mica’s door. Period. Zippo. I left a bookmark about my new book and a note, returned home and started thinking about writing this blog.

But I remain undaunted. I will stay the fight against the corpocracy. I hope you will, too.

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